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    We have developed our classes over the course of teaching Spanish in Quito for over 20 years. Come learn in Quito today!

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    Our Online Spanish Classes are a great way to boost your Spanish from the comfort of your own home.

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    Our Jungle Programs offer incredible opportunities to learn Spanish for a week in the beautiful Ecuadorian Jungle.

  • About Us

    Vida Verde is a small, close-knit language school that has a rich history of teaching Spanish in Quito since 1998. We promise excellence in Spanish teaching and the utmost professionalism in all we do. Not only will we organize classes for you, but we will also lead you in cultural outings and help you organize weekend excursions! As a certified member of the Ecuadorian Association of Spanish Language Centers (AECEE), you can count on us to make your time in Quito safe, fun, and interesting!

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    Vida Verde Spanish School Offers

    See here all the available offers at Vida Verde Spanish School – from our one-on-one Spanish Classes to full programs including classes, afternoon activities, and homestay!

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    Our Teachers

    Fernando Báez Guzmán

    Fernando is our Academic Director and master teacher.

    Hipatia Alarcón

    Hipatia has been teaching Spanish since 1988.

    Ximena Argüello

    Students say class hours with Ximena pass by in a flash.  She has been teaching Spanish since 2011, and is fluent in English.

    Lucía Rivadeneira

    Lucía Rivadeneira is a language nerd who loves to teach the nuts and bolts of Spanish.

    Get to Know our Spanish School in Ecuador

    Vida Verde has a rich history as a Spanish School in Quito since 1998. Over the years, we have continuously provided excellence in Spanish Education. We are a proud member of the AECEE (the Ecuadorian Association of Spanish Teaching Centers) and are certified to prepare students for the DELE. More importantly however, we are close-knit and family orientated: we really want to get to know you and your story!

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