Online Classes

Online Spanish Classes

Do you want a change in your life without leaving the comfort of your home? This is your opportunity. Immerse yourself in a new culture through the Spanish language. Connect with Vida Verde’s teachers via Skype and receive all the benefits of Spanish immersion classes, without pausing your busy life. Whether you are looking to correct some bad language habits, brush up on some grammar, or learn Spanish for the first time in your life, these online classes are right for you!

How Does it All Work?

Online Spanish classes are easier than you might think.  Connect with your Ecuadorian teacher via Skype, a free and reliable video chat service.  Video is not necessary, but highly recommended to increase class quality. You may be thousands of miles away, but you will feel like your teacher is sitting right next to you.

We encourage homework in order to increase learning, but it is not mandatory. Vida Verde provides customized materials based on your level and interests, which we share digitally. Let us know what types of topics you would like to focus on and we can design something special for you!

Why Vida Verde?

At Vida Verde, we realize that the market for online Spanish classes is growing and quite competative.  However, we believe that our classes stand out because:

  • Experience: We are the pioneers in Online classes, having starting our program in 2004 only one year after Skype opened.
  • Materials: We have developed a large database of materials which we will adapt to your level.
  • Accent: Our professors speak Spanish that is clear and well articulated.
  • Flexibility: We have extremely flexible schedules in order to fit into your busy life.
  • Personalization: Lessons are adapted to the needs and wishes of each student.
  • Fun: We strive to create a fun learning atmosphere!

Don’t believe us?  Contact us today to receive a free online trial class. You are one click away from starting a new adventure.

Planning on visiting Ecuador? Prepare yourself for your trip with Vida Verde´s Online Spanish Classes! Know the Spanish school, your teacher, and even local slang and customs long before you actually set foot in Ecuador!


For every friend that signs up and starts taking online Spanish classes with us, you receive $30 of free classes. Contact us for more details.

Bernhard JeranGermany
After spending three weeks directly at the school, I now do the online course at Vida Verde. And I can really say, this online course is a great replacement for being directly at the school. Actually, it's even better. Because using the computer provides a lot more possibilities and flexibility. For instance: If you don't know the meaning of a word, the teacher can quickly use ``Google`` to find it and show you a picture. Video and Audio quality are really good, so for me it's not a bit harder to understand, what the teachers says than before directly at the school. Exercises and homework are exchanged within a minute and if I have to write something, I can type, instead of writing by hand, which I really appreciate. Since I did the online course I even stopped traveling to Spanish language schools.
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