Fernando Báez Guzmán

Fernando is our Academic Director and master teacher.

Hipatia Alarcón

Hipatia has been teaching Spanish since 1988.

Ximena Argüello

Students say class hours with Ximena pass by in a flash.  She has been teaching Spanish since 2011, and is fluent in English.

Lucía Rivadeneira

Lucía Rivadeneira is a language nerd who loves to teach the nuts and bolts of Spanish.

Rosa Laura García Caiza

Laura has taught Spanish since 1991.  She has a passion for sharing Ecuadorian culture with her students and considers herself not just a teacher but an ambassador of her culture and her language.

Fredy Cárdenas

Fredy originally studied law in college; however he found his true passion when he decided to change to the teaching profession and has never looked back.

María Cecilia Ruiz

María Cecilia Ruiz is our primary online teacher. In addition, she works for a medical mission that cares for indigenous people.

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