Galapagos Spanish Program

Galapagos Spanish Program

Study Spanish in the breath-taking Galapagos, considered one of the wonders of the modern world. In this program, you will receive a comprehensive tour of the island’s flora and fauna as you take a wide variety of professionally guided tours and activities. You will also be accompanied by a Vida Verde Spanish teacher and take intensive Spanish classes.

The Lava House Hostal

The small, family run hostel is constructed with lava stone walls. In addition to the complimentary breakfast, guests also have access to the communal, fully equipped kitchen. Surrounded by gardens, Lava House is located just 500 meters from Pelican Bay and the main square of the harbour town Puerto Ayora. Restaurants, cafes and shops are easily accessible.

Air-conditioned rooms are simply and comfortably furnished and include private bathrooms and televisions.

Accommodation includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Air Conditioning
  • Free Parking
  • TV

Program Includes:

  • 7 days, 6 nights stay at the Lava House Hostal
  • 20 hours of intensive Spanish classes
  • 6 cultural or sport activities, 4-6 hours per day
  • All equipment necessary for the activities
  • Bilingual guide for activities- English and Spanish
  • Snacks during longer tours

Itinerary of Activities

Your language program in the Galapagos includes daily activities that last all morning and classes in the afternoon or evening.

Below, you will find the itinerary of the activities that you can schedule according to your day preferences.

Arrival to Galapagos: Fly to the Galapagos and move into the Lava House. Spend your first afternoon exploring the island of Santa Cruz.

Take a trip to Las Grietas: Wander along nature trails, enjoying spectacular views and swimming in the incredible gorge.


Snorkeling at Daphne Mayor: Discover the incredible variety of marine life and seabirds at this island as you snorkel in the tropical reef. After snorkeling, you will have the opportunity to fish at Tiburon Arrecho seamount and grill your catch at Bahia Borrero, a spectacular white sand beach known for the high numbers of breeding sea turtles in shallow waters between December and March.

Galapagos Tour: Visit the Charles Darwin Station to follow the life of Darwin and learn about the flora and fauna of the islands. Finish up with a visit to a local fish market to try the catch of the day!

Playa de los Alemanes: Kayak to and snorkel in the calm, scenic waters of the famous Playa de los Alemanes. Visit colonies of sea lions and marine iguanas at the Playa de los Perros.

Tour the highlands of Santa Cruz: Venture into the highland zone of the Galapagos Islands, trekking through the coffee plantations and fruit orchards and observing the famous Galapagos giant tortoises in the wild.

Surfing lessons in Tortuga Bay: Talk a tranquil walk to Tortuga Bay, where you will receive a beginner’s surfing lesson. The bay offers an peaceful atmosphere with waves that are easy to master.

Leave the Galapagos for Quito this afternoon or evening.

*Unless otherwise noted in the schedule above, you will take Spanish Classes with your professor in the morning, then leave for the listed excursion after lunch.

Bernhard JeranGermany
After spending three weeks directly at the school, I now do the online course at Vida Verde. And I can really say, this online course is a great replacement for being directly at the school. Actually, it's even better. Because using the computer provides a lot more possibilities and flexibility. For instance: If you don't know the meaning of a word, the teacher can quickly use ``Google`` to find it and show you a picture. Video and Audio quality are really good, so for me it's not a bit harder to understand, what the teachers says than before directly at the school. Exercises and homework are exchanged within a minute and if I have to write something, I can type, instead of writing by hand, which I really appreciate. Since I did the online course I even stopped traveling to Spanish language schools.
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