Family Homestay in Ecuador – Meet the families!

Our Spanish school has developed relationships with a number of Ecuadorian families who are interested in hosting international students for a reasonable price. We call this our family homestay program because when you participate in this program, you are not only renting a room in somebody’s house, you are being welcomed into their home as if you were a member of their family. The homestay gives you the opportunity for additional practice speaking Spanish outside of the classroom, as well as the opportunity to experience some of the cultural aspects of Ecuadorian life, such as food, family life, and holidays. We prefer to place only one student per family because when students live together we have found that the temptation to speak their native language is too great. However, if it is important to you to live with other students or with a traveling companion, arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.

New at Vida Verde: You can now indicate your host family and homestay preferences when you register. We will try to match you accordingly though we cannot guarantee availability of a particular host family.