Escape the classroom!

At Vida Verde Spanish Language School we believe it is important that our students have the opportunity to experience everything that Ecuador has to offer. Therefore, every afternoon we offer activities around Quito.  Our teachers will accompany and guide you during all of these activities.  They will help you navigate the city and impart valuable insight into each activity. Through this program, not only will you be understand more about Ecuadorian culture, but you will also be able to practice your Spanish in within meaningful context.  When paired with the explicit Spanish instruction during class, your Spanish skills are sure to grow immensely!


  • Banco Central Cultural Museum (archaeological pieces, gold, pottery)
  • Fundación Guayasamin (an art museum exhibiting the works of the renowned Ecuadorian artist Guayasamin)
  • Casa de La Cultura (musical instruments, contemporary art, exhibits of traditional dresses)
  • Mariscal Sucre Museum (dedicated to Mariscal Sucre)
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Museum of Natural Sciences)
  • Mariscal Sucre Museum


  • Iglesia Basilica (The Catholic cathedral)
  • Convento de San Diego (the Convent of San Diego)
  • San Francisco Monastery (one of the oldest churches in the Americas)
  • San Francisco Monastery


  • Parque Carolina (a good place to watch games of soccer and basketball)
  • Parque Metropolitano (network of hike-and-bike trails, scenic views of neighbouring valley)
  • Parque El Ejido (art & craft market)
  • Park Metropolitano

Local Markets

  • Mercado Artesanal (products made by Ecuadorian artesans)
  • Santa Clara (fruit and vegetable market with surprises)
  • Mercado Central (Quito’s biggest market)

Download our brochures (individual, group) of activities around Quito to learn more. (These programs may change depending on the weather).


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