DELE Classes

DELE Classes

The DELE stands for: Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera (in English: Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language). Passing the DELE will grant you an internationally recognized certificate that is issued by the Instituto Cervantes. A DELE certificate lasts for life and can open up some serious doors for the people who have them.

Our DELE preparation course is modeled after the official DELE exam and we update our materials every year.

How long do I need to study for the DELE exam?

Good question! Generally, if you are very comfortable with the skills required for the level of test that you want to take, between 2 and 4 weeks is recommended. This amount of time will familiarize you with DELE exam, clarify any knowledge gaps you might have, practice the standard exercises, and discuss the topics that are typically included in the exam.

If you are near the level you want to take, we recommend you take 4-6 weeks of classes. This program will give you time to have a thorough understanding of the grammatical concepts and plenty of time to practice for the exam.

If you are not near the level that you would like to test for, we advise that you spend more time preparing. Everyone learns languages at a different rate and the speed which you can prepare for a new level depends on your language aptitude, for how long you have studied Spanish, and how hard you study. A good rule of thumb is that is takes about 4-6 weeks to advance in the beginner levels, and 6-8 weeks to advance in the intermediate or advanced levels.

How Can I Find my Current Spanish Level for the DELE Exam?

Another great question! We recommend that you go straight to Instituto Cervante’s online test. We have found that their test gives us the most accurate results.

Here is the link for the test: DELE Spanish Level Test 

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Bernhard JeranGermany
After spending three weeks directly at the school, I now do the online course at Vida Verde. And I can really say, this online course is a great replacement for being directly at the school. Actually, it's even better. Because using the computer provides a lot more possibilities and flexibility. For instance: If you don't know the meaning of a word, the teacher can quickly use ``Google`` to find it and show you a picture. Video and Audio quality are really good, so for me it's not a bit harder to understand, what the teachers says than before directly at the school. Exercises and homework are exchanged within a minute and if I have to write something, I can type, instead of writing by hand, which I really appreciate. Since I did the online course I even stopped traveling to Spanish language schools.
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