Our Online Spanish Classes

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Our Online Spanish Classes are a great way to boost your Spanish from the comfort of your own home. Through Skype, you will be able to connect with Vida Verde´s teachers and receive all the benefits of Spanish immersion classes, without pausing your busy life. Whether you are looking to correct some bad language habits, brush up on some grammar, or learn Spanish for the first time in your life, these online classes are right for you!

Are you planning on visiting Ecuador? Prepare yourself for your trip with Vida Verde´s Online Spanish Classes- beyond language! Know the Spanish school, your teacher, and even local slang and customs long before you actually set foot into Ecuador!

How Does it All Work?

Hear and See! Vida Verde Online Classes use Skype to connect you with your Ecuadorian teacher via the internet. There is no fee above an beyond that of the class. Skype is a free program which transmits voice and video crisply and clearly. Also, we will send you all the necessary materials for the class. Video is not mandatory. If you do not have a webcam or feel more comfortable only using audio, no problem! However, we recommend using the video feature as it makes the classes more authentic and meaningful. You may be thousands of miles away, but you will feel like your teacher is sitting right next to you!

High Quality of Service

Vida Verde Spanish School is located in Quito, Ecuador. Our teachers have years of experience teaching online and using online resources. They speak the beautiful and easy to understand Quiteño – the clear and well articulated Spanish from the capital of Ecuador: Quito. Our Online Classes include free access to our teaching resources. We maintain and amplify a database of our own teaching materials which is accessible only by Vida Verde teachers and students. Please use a computer for our online classes. Video conferencing with tablets or smartphones is often unstable and we won’t be able to deliver your class withour usual, high level of quality.

Highly Competitive

Vida Verde is able to offer highly competitive prices for its Study Programs. Our Online Classes are “made” in Ecuador but can be delivered anywhere in the world. Vida Verde has competitive pricing even in countries where comparable Spanish lessons are a lot more expensive!


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