9 alternatives activities to do during the carnaval 2018 in Quito

9 alternatives activities to do during the carnaval 2018 in Quito.

This weekend celebrates the end of winter all over the world. Ecuador is not to be
outdone with its famous carnival which will take place from 10 to 14 February.
The Ecuadorian carnival is very cultural and is celebrated with water, carnival
foam, talcum powder, eggs and flour to paint your face or any kind of vegetable

There are differents activities involving children, youth and adults, have made this
festival become a tourist and cultural event of great importance in the city.
Artistic shows, parades with allegorical cars, among many other activities,
have made the image of the carnival with water games, ink, flour and oil, fade
away, to turn it into an event colorful and full of tradition, which for 4 days
floods the streets of the city with a lot of rhythm and fun.
We prefer calm and tranquility during this period. It is why we are going to purpose you 9
alternatives activities
that you can perform with your family and your friends
during this weekend.

Outdoor activities:

Parque Arqueológico y Ecológico Rumipamba:This park
is an outdoor museum site in the ancient human settlement on the slopes of the Pichincha.
Rumipamba means Valley of Stone. The Archaeological and Ecological Park Rumipamba shows us a small fraction of what was the occupation of Quito before the arrival of
the Incas. The park is open from 09h00 to 16h00, Wednesday to Sunday. The park
is free for everyone and it is a good place to relax in nature.
If you are interested this is the exact address of the park: Av.Mariana de Jesús y
Av. Mariscal Sucre. (Av. Occidental).


Discover one of Ecuador’s most beautiful places, the Quilotoa volcano
You have the possibility to pass by a travel agency to organize your day. Usually, the
tour includes bus, lunch, dinner and guided tour.
It is highly recommended to wear warm clothes, walking shoes, sun cream and water.
This tour is amazing and takes you out of the capital for a little amount of time.


Visita Teatralizada
Have you heard the stories told inside the recollect church of San Diego, one of the best
magical places of the city? Time seems to have forgotten to pass through there… Walk alongside with characters to discover this treasure of Quito on a special night. 
It is a guided tour with professional disguised like in ancient era. You are going to visit San Diego in some another way.
Saturday 10 February 2018
19h00 and 20h00
General value: $10.00 – Differential: $8.00
Meeting point: Handicrafts Shop El Quinde (Mirror and Venezuela, corner)

Un mirador hacia las estrellas

Quito Astronomical Observatory was founded in 1873, this Ecuadorian scientific and cultural institution is located in Quito’s La Alameda Park. This Observatory is in charge of three different activities sectors, Astronomy, education and training with the aim of investigating the peculiar and little studied equatorial skies.
Quito’s Astronomical Observatory is one of the oldest in South America and the only
observatory in Ecuador. The National Polytechnic School manages the Quito
Astronomical Observatory.
In addition, the Observatory has relied almost from its beginnings on a
meteorological station, the same one that studies and reports the different
climatic variations of the city.
There is also a Museum that you can get, to know in a personal and vivid way the history
of the instruments used by the first astronomers and scientists of the country.
It is an activity very rewarding if you like local history and space. The museum is open
from Tuesday to Sunday (10:00 to 17:00).


If you like theater you are welcome to assist to one of those plays.

LA MUJER, EL MUERTO Y SU AMANTE is a musical comedy about the sweet taste of revenge written by Mario
Bert. The story tell the life of a woman who wakes up in what appears to be her home’s kitchen as she prepares the most important dinner of her life. In the process the woman takes us through a journey full of laughter, spite, love and sensuality. But something’s wrong with this kitchen. Things disappear and the wife keeps remembering her late husband and lover, her mother and a rabbit her best friend.

is a musical Comic Poetic Evening with Juana Guarderas. The play “No
quiero morir virgen” is a comic monologue by Juana Guarderas with an
interactive proposal that raises different games with the public from various
gags and comic numbers that arise from the occurrences of this funny
“damsel morlaca”. During all the stage you are going to interact with
Mr Guarderas and it is very funny.


Carnaval de la Interculturalidad

The Eugenio Espejo Zonal Administration will hold the “District Carnival of Interculturality” at the United Nations Boulevard, on Saturday 10 February from 10h00 to 13h00.
This event will feature a cultural carnival with ten characters, icons of the festival, which
will be led by the manager Lorena Nieto. There will be six dance groups, two
musical groups and the participation of a village band.
Around 200 local managers representing the interculturality and diversity of carnival in
the country will be present.

Festival de Carnaval Ciudad Mitad del Mundo 2018

In Ciudad Mitad del Mundo there is a special carnival with a lot of differents artists.
This Carnaval lasts 4 days and entry costs are the same as usual ($5 for a
normal ticket and $2.50 for a differentiated ticket). Great artists and
surprises for everyone. There is a list with all artists for 4 days: Paulina Tamayo, Bathaola Orchestra, Jaime Enrique Aymara, Sweet Poison, Skala Group, The Rodriguezes, Los Garles Trio, Trio Valentino, Dance Group Revelations of my Land, Dance Group Ñucanchi Allpa, Pumallacta Dance Group.


If your thing is to dress up, but you don’t like the carnival atmosphere, you still
have the option of going to Inayusha Bloody Fest 2018. The Greatest Comic,
Anime, Cosplay, Dubbing and Video Games Convention is back!


Bloody Valentine fest
(Inuyasha) Anime Convention is from the Friday 9th Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February at the Quito Chamber of Commerce) with great national and international guests!

If you are interested you can find more information about guests and activities there:
Finally we would like to recommend you to enjoy your festive weekend either at the
carnival or in the activities that we have proposed to you.
Buen fin de semana a todos.

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